WIOA Youth Funds Program Year 2015 RFP Q & A/Clarification Addendum

 Southwestern Local Area WIOA Youth Funds RFP

                              Pre-Proposal Information Session                           

                                            Q & A/ Clarification




  1. How many copies of the request for proposals will need to be under seal?


One original copy under seal with original signatures will need to be submitted along with two additional copies of the original.


  1. Will the Southwestern Commission assign a RFP # for each bidder’s proposal?


No.  All bidders should use 15-Y01 as the proposal identifier.


  1. Is the Statement of Work limited to only 20 pages including any attachments?


No.  If need to use an additional few pages for the Statement of Work can do so for up to approximately 25 pages. Attachments will be in addition to that number of pages.                


  1. Can the bidder double space or make adjustments to the spacing in order to make the proposal easier to input and read?


Yes double spacing is an allowable option. 


  1. Who can sign the request for proposal? Should it be an executive director or superintendent?


Signer should have the authority to attest to ability of organization to meet proposal requirements. An executive director or a superintendent would be a good choice. 


  1. Do all types of non-profit organizations have to submit an IRS form 990?


No.  State entities such as community colleges and public schools systems are exempt. 


  1. If 20% of local Youth funds must be used for work activities such as work experience what is the wage we should use for that program?


At least the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. 


  1. When completing the Statement of Work do you want the information concerning the Five Components and 14 Program Elements to be expressed in a bullet format or narrative format?


Would prefer it be presented in a narrative format that references the required information.



       ** Please note bidders interested in submitting bids for the counties of Cherokee, Clay and Graham counties will be required to do so in a Tri-County block.**


       ** The budget figures in the Youth RFP are representative of Plan Year 2014. We do not anticipate any increase in funding beyond the Plan Year 2014 funding     levels.**