Job Description Writer – Use the keyword search to identify your occupation. Enter as much information about the job listing as you wish. This can include the location of the job, any education, training, or licenses required, and the wage offered. You can include statements from lists of tasks and knowledge from O*NET in your job description.  A final job description containing the job title, job location information, tasks and required or preferred knowledges is produced. You can copy it to diskette or your hard-drive for further development.

Sample Business Letters – This site contains samples of 491 business letters-everything from “Acceptance of Resignation Letter to Verification of Employment Letter.

Selection Process – This site includes over 2000 sample interview questions, arranged by topic. Also includes information on testing, assessment, and other tools used in the selection process.

About Human Resources – Various articles relating to Human Resource topics. Also includes tools such as Employment Development Process checklist

 Compensation – This site discusses “How Is Compensation Used? What are the components of a compensation system? What are different types of compensation?” An outline for developing a compensation plan is included.

Riley Guide to Salary & Compensation Information – Links to private and government salary surveys that can assist in determining the market pay rate for workers

Sexual Harassment – Laws and guidelines from the US Department of Labor on Sexual Harassment.

Workplace Violence – This workplace violence website provides information on the extent of violence in the workplace, assessing the hazards in different settings and developing workplace violence prevention plans for individual worksites.

Employment Laws, Federal – USDOL’s guide to Federal Employment Laws

Employment Laws, NC – NC Department of Labor’s Website

Employment Laws, NC –  Employment Law Articles published by Employment Law Information Network

Family and Medical Leave Act – Link to the USDOL compliance information on the Family and Medical Leave Act

Workers Compensation – This site explains Workers Compensation Laws in North Carolina

Unemployment Insurance – NC Employment Security Commission’s website. Employers can file their quarterly taxes on-line, list a job opening, obtain labor market information, and links to related sites.