NCWorks Career Centers  are your source for connecting with employers in your local area.

NCWorks Career Centers provide job-training programs and services to help you increase your skillset and obtain meaningful employment.  No matter your circumstances or background, your career center can help you maximize your job search.

At each Career Center, you have free access to computers to search for job opportunities, along with access to job fairs and workshops that will help you connect with employers.  You can find out how to earn your Career Readiness Certificate, a recognizable skills credential that facilitates job placement, retention, and advancement.  You also have labor market information available to you to learn more about industries that interest you, what they pay, and how you can move up in those careers.

Get started, here’s how:

  • Enter your contact info and begin your profile on NCWorks Online
  • Meet a counselor – a specialist will help you get started with your job search.
  • Identify your skills – our assessments will help determine what job skills you have.
  • Plan your career – with our help you can begin to plan what career best fits you.
  • Improve your skills – Depending on your needs, we may be able to provide training to advance your skills.
  • Prepare for Interviews – Finalize your resume, write a great cover letter, and learn what are best practices in interviewing.
  • Meet with Employers – once you are career ready, we will help connect you with employers who need your skills.
  • Land a Job – Now it’s up to you.  With our help you will be prepared to find and land the job you desire.