Employer Resources

The Southwestern Workforce Development Board recommended in their State of the Workforce report that…

“There needs to be a user-friendly on-line resource directory to assist employers in finding assistance for their businesses. This should include links where possible to specific resources. This directory will help small businesses to be more aware of the services available to them.”

See Business Services for more information on employer resources available in the NC Career Centers.

Labor Market Information

LEAD (Labor & Economic Analysis Division) is your one-stop source and leading provider of labor market information for the state of North Carolina. With a staff of researchers, economists, statisticians, and policy analysts, LEAD administers and collects data, conducts research, analyses, reports, and disseminates information on the state’s economy, labor force, educational, and workforce-related issues. LEAD’s information and analyses allows for the development of a more complete picture of North Carolina’s economy and for more informed policy decisions regarding business recruitment and workforce development.

NCWorks Labor Market Information: Real-time labor market trends in your area including locations with the most job openings, employer and candidate salary expectations, and the number of unemployed per job opening.


HR Links
links to internet sites that provide information on HR problems, solutions, training, and other Human Resource information.

Small Business Links
links to agencies and other resources providing services to small businesses.

Download W-4’s, NC-4’s, and other forms required by federal and state government agencies. Also includes links to other downloadable HR forms.

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